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EJ Strategies LLC

| Strategic & Crisis Communications | Public Affairs |
| Media & Presentation Training |

EJ Strategies (EJS) is run by Elie Jacobs, a NYC-based public affairs and strategic communications consultant with more than two decades of experience. Jacobs is also a Founding Partner at Purposeful Advisors.


EJS specializes in helping our clients tell their stories to the right audience in the most effective manner. We want to be more than just a senior advisor to our clients, we want to partner with them to help them reach their goals.


We are experts in communications strategy, crisis communications, message development, media relations, public affairs and media and presentation training. 


Working independently or with one of the members of our network, we provide experienced, top-level guidance and counsel to each and every one of our clients. Our small size allows us to tailor our services to each client's individual budget needs.  




Strategic Communications

We design strategies to influence attitudes (and behavior) of a particular audience or constituency. Communicating the best message, through the right channels, to the right audience. 

Crisis Communications

Things go bump in the night. It’s inevitable. We help you prepare before a crisis, work with you during the event and assist in your recovery afterwards.

Public Affairs

We help you understand how an election, or regulation will impact your priorities and we help you respond accordingly.

Media & Presentation Training

Few things can be as intimidating (or potentially important) as an interview with the media or a presentation to a specific audience. We help you prepare so the real thing is a breeze.

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